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How Wooden Props Are Made

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m always fascinated by how stuff is made. An AVweb editor recently toured Sensenich‘s prop factory in Plant City, Florida. He produced a short video of the manufacturing process. Sensenich uses state-of-the-art, computer controlled equipment to […]


Look up in the sky… Contrails!

Contrails are an aviation/weather phenomena so common we take them for granted. Ever wondered how they are formed? Why do some contrails look different from others? Read on for a short, simplified-for-dummies lesson on contrail […]

Aircraft Systems

Volcanic Ash: It’s a big deal

In late 2013, UK air carrier EasyJet, aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Nicarnica Aviation of Norway teamed up to test new airborne technology that enables pilots to “see” volcanic ash from the cockpit. The system is a […]

Aircraft Systems

iPads In The Cockpit

There’s new tech appearing in a cockpit near you – pilots are going (nearly) paperless. Since the early 1900’s, airline crews (first in airships, then airplanes) have been using paper charts and maps to find […]

Odds & Ends

Alaska unveils latest Disney jet

Alaska Airlines rolled out it’s 5th Disney-themed aircraft last week.  The Boeing 737-800 is named “Adventure of Disneyland Resort” and celebrates Alaska’s partnership with the Disneyland theme park. Here’s the full Press Release.  Aircraft paint schemes […]

Pilot Life

The Flight Kit Demystified!

You’ve seen them… Those bags that pilots drag around airport terminals. No, not the suitcases, the smaller, catalog-style bags. What do they keep in those things? And they look pretty heavy, too. Well, pull up […]