British Air Billboard POINTS to BA Jets!

British Airways Billboard
British Airways Billboard – Source: YouTube capture

British Airways just took interactive advertising to the next level. All other billboards are now officially boring and washed up. Read on and watch the video!

Smartphone apps and websites like FlightAware have been around for a few years now, making it possible to track the location and status of airline flights. British Airways’ new #lookup campaign marries live, FlightAware-type data with a digital billboard. When a BA flight flies over the billboard, a child stands up, points to the aircraft, then follows the real airplane off the screen. The flight number and origin of the flight are then displayed. In some cases, ticket prices for the route are also provided.

Marketing Magazine and website The Drum, broke the story last week. According to The Drum, marketing firm Ogilvy 12th Floor created the concept. I could sit outside Piccadilly Circus and watch that billboard all day!

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