Flying the Grand Canyon

In June of 2021, our family flew a Piper Cherokee Six 1,300 miles from Louisville, Kentucky to Flagstaff, Arizona. The trip was amazing from the start to finish, but the highlight was a scenic flight […]


Air Navigation Name Nonsense

Air navigation maps and computers contain thousands of routes and waypoints (or fixes) to help pilots and air traffic controllers keep track of where the airplanes are. To make navigation and communication a little easier, […]


Flying the North Atlantic Tracks

Each day, over 2000 aircraft travel across the Atlantic ocean bound for North America or Europe on the North Atlantic Organized Track System. Have you ever wondered how pilots navigate and communicate during the journey? Communication […]

Aircraft Systems

iPads In The Cockpit

There’s new tech appearing in a cockpit near you – pilots are going (nearly) paperless. Since the early 1900’s, airline crews (first in airships, then airplanes) have been using paper charts and maps to find […]