WFPL Radio: What It’s Like to Be a UPS Pilot

AeroSavvy - WFPL Interview
Capt. Ken Hoke and WFPL reporter Rick Howlett in a UPS 767 – Photo: Jim Mayer

In March 2017, I was invited by WFPL News (Louisville’s NPR affiliate) to talk about what it’s like to be a pilot for Big Brown. Here’s the interview…

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AeroSavvy - WFPL InterviewThe interview took place at Louisville’s Worldport on the flight deck of a UPS Boeing 767. It’s tough to find one of these planes sitting still long enough for an interview! This particular aircraft had just completed a charter mission and was having special modifications removed so it could return to UPS package duty.

WFPL’s Rick Howlett and I were accompanied by UPS Airlines Public Relations Manager Jim Mayer, who has encyclopedic knowledge of Worldport. Whenever Rick stumped me with a question, it was nice to have Jim right there with the answer!

Listen to the 4 minute radio feature:


After the interview,  Jim treated Rick and I to a short tour of the massive UPS Worldport facility. Although we regularly fly in and out of Louisville, UPS pilots don’t often get the chance to see how things work behind the scenes. I’ll share the photos in the next AeroSavvy post!

Check out the interview and photos at


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Special thanks to Jim Mayer, UPS Airlines Public Relations Manager (Twitter: @UPSAirlines), and WFPL’s Rick Howlett (Twitter: @RickHowlett, @WFPLNews).


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