Chemtrail Confessions – I sprayed DHMO!


click-to-readIn this article, I spill the beans. “Chemtrail” believers have been looking for the one key piece of evidence that has eluded them: A pilot willing to speak up. This could be my last AeroSavvy post ever!


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  1. Don’t let Captain Ken fool you with this article. DHMO is a real threat, but as a retired physician I will give unsolicited yet free advice on how to deal with it.

    If you are sitting poolside and see DHMO-laden chemtrails streaking the beautiful blue sky overhead immediately start neutralizing them with ETOH. Very soon you will begin to feel better, de facto proof that they were in fact harming you, and the chemtrails will disappear.

    However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, if you are sitting poolside and do NOT see any chemtrails, prophylactically begin taking ETOH. This can be self-administered in shot form and mixed with various diluents to make it more palatable. However, ETOH has a very narrow therapeutic window so be careful not to overdose.

    • Fuel dumping is extremely rare. In 30+ years of flying large jets, I’ve never needed to dump fuel. Pilots only dump fuel when an emergency requires landing and the aircraft is above maximum landing weight.

      “Chemtrails” are conspiracy nonsense. (This article is an attempt at satire)

      • Well then, why the 3 mile vapour trail (contrail) that suddenly stops? the air in the upper atmosphere can’t be that moist? can it? this being far from a group of clouds.

        • When fossil fuels are burned much of the exhaust is water – plenty of water to create a contrail. Atmospheric conditions are always moving and changing. An air mass can be conducive to creating a contrail at one point, then a 1/2 mile away conditions are different. A delicate balance of temperature and humidity are required to create them.

          We often watch aircraft in front of us flying over the ocean creating contrails. Sometimes they start and stop every few miles. Other times they are created for hundreds of miles.

          When we’re lucky, we can see our own contrails as shadows on the clouds below us.

          Water, humidity, and temperature. That’s all. Nothing more to it.

          Here’s more about contrails:

      • Come on now. So all the pilots such as yourself lost their jobs because they lied about the information they have given? Losing their career for what? To spit out nonesense? Condensation trails only show in the sky for a short amount of time, you can see so many days where con trails are and through or next to it one more many more chemtrails. Barium strontium copper sulphate aluminum oxide. Yeah. Waters around the world are and we’re tested and more and more shows up. No lake, no river no mountains with snow are free of these heavy metals that we now daily eat drink breath in because it can’t be fully filtered out of the water. Animals drink it, plants absorb it which we eat. Either you’re totally unaware of all of this which would truly shock me… or you’re most likely just too scared to admit what you already and have known for a long time. I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t want to lose my career either as a pilot it’s a great paying job, but to come on here and try to bash information such as this, especially when it’s so hard to get it to people when their absolutely closed minded and just uneducated, it’s a slap in the face to us all. Knowing full well how long it’s been going on and how bad, how hurtful it is to every living creature in this world.

        • Hi Adam,

          Somewhere along the way, you picked up some very misleading and false information about contrails. Contrails can last a few seconds, or several hours, depending on the atmospheric conditions. Chemicals are not being secretly sprayed from passenger airliners, military aircraft, or freighters. I’m sorry that you’re troubled by this. “Chemtrails” really are nonsense.

  2. I was reminded of this spray yesterday, April 1st 2022. I’m an A/P student working as an apprentice at a local airport. My grandpa started his ” They are spraying toilet water on us all!” Bit. Took a bit to explain that planes do not have said feature, that it is stored in special tanks. There is no ” DUMP THE LOAD” button on an aircraft. (In THAT sense at least.) -.-

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