Survive an Aircraft Evacuation

Fire and Smoke Can Kill You Fire and poisonous smoke can kill within minutes. There is no greater risk to an aircraft’s passengers and crew. When an aircraft evacuation is necessary, every second counts.

Aircraft Systems

TCAS: Preventing Mid-Air Collisions

For over 20 years, TCAS has been standing guard, protecting the skies from mid-air collisions. Countless catastrophes have been avoided thanks to the technology. Find out what TCAS is and how it works! This AeroSavvy feature is written as […]

Aircraft Systems

The Mysterious Black Box

Whenever there is an accident involving an airliner, news reporters immediately begin talking about “the Black Box.” “Where is the Black Box?” “Investigators are looking for the Black Box” “What’s the condition of the Black […]

Aircraft Systems

Volcanic Ash: It’s a big deal

In late 2013, UK air carrier EasyJet, aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Nicarnica Aviation of Norway teamed up to test new airborne technology that enables pilots to “see” volcanic ash from the cockpit. The system is a […]