Flying the Grand Canyon

In June of 2021, our family flew a Piper Cherokee Six 1,300 miles from Louisville, Kentucky to Flagstaff, Arizona. The trip was amazing from the start to finish, but the highlight was a scenic flight […]

Odds & Ends

The Lindbergh Music Craze

On May 20, 1927, Charles Lindbergh made history flying his custom-built Ryan Aircraft monoplane solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Entrepreneurs quickly took advantage of the event by selling all sorts of commemorative Lindbergh and Spirit […]

Boeing Airspeed Indicator
Aircraft Systems

The Classic Boeing Airspeed Indicator

The Honeywell SI-800 Airspeed/Mach Indicator has been a standard instrument on the Boeing 737, 747, 757, and 767 for decades. Boeing stopped installing the stand-alone indicator in favor of modern, reliable flat panel displays. Airlines […]


Winds Aloft & Weather Balloons

Air masses are always on the move; changing direction and speed as they swirl around the globe. The movement of air across the earth’s surface is what we usually call wind. Wind and temperature data […]

Aircraft Systems

The Wheel & Brake Shop

Airline tires take a beating. When a tire reaches its service limit, maintenance technicians remove the entire wheel and replace it; the same for brakes. So, what happens to the old wheels, tires, and brakes? […]

Aircraft Systems

Aircraft Wheels

Airliner wheels are subjected to the daily punishment of multiple takeoffs and landings. Tires are exposed to temperatures below -40°C during cruise. At touchdown, rubber temperatures can momentarily exceed 200°C. Wheels must handle the most […]

Pilot Life

You Might Be a Cargo Pilot…

Flying for a cargo airline can be a rewarding career. The flying, schedules, work hours, and culture are a little different than what many passenger pilots experience. I work for an overnight package express company […]