AeroSavvy brings you interesting, easy to read aviation insight from an experienced airline captain.

Who is AeroSavvy?

cockpit-headshotI was hooked on technology at an early age, writing software since the 1970’s.  Dig deep enough and you’ll find a few articles written by me in the long forgotten “Run” magazine for the Commodore computer. Geez, that goes way back!

Shortly after the tech bug bit me, the aviation bug took hold. I’ve spent over 30 years loitering around the skies of our planet in a bunch of vehicles including the Fairchild Metro (“San Antonio Sewer Pipe”), BAE Jetstream, and the historic Douglas DC-8.

I’m a husband, father of four and a blogger. In my spare time, I’m a Boeing 757 & 767 captain for an international package express airline. There are not enough hours in the day!