ETOPS – Enhancing Safety On Long Flights


As a passenger, you might see the word “ETOPS” (pronounced Ē-Tops) stenciled on airplanes. Occasionally, you’ll hear about it in the news. Follow a few AvGeeks on Twitter or Facebook and you’ll most definitely see this term used, joked about, and misused. What does ETOPS mean and why is it important?

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AeroSavvy’s Curated Aviation Quotes

Curated Quotes

During the relatively short history of aviation, humans have uttered some thought provoking and inspiring quotes about the experience of flight. Of course, the skeptics have made their opinions known as well. Here are a few of my favorite aviation quotes (and misquotes). Continue reading

Your Airliner Has A Hidden Engine!


How many turbine engines are on an Airbus A320?
Two, right?   Would you believe three?

How about a Boeing 747?
Four engines? Wrong again.   A 747 has Five turbine engines!

Hiding inside the tail of most every airliner is an extra engine called an Auxiliary Power Unit or APU. Time to find out what’s hidden in the tail of your aircraft!

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Take the AeroSavvy Airliner Quiz!

facebook-image-largeSo, you think you know airliners? It’s time to separate the Ultimate AvGeeks from the Plane Spotter Padawans. Put your plane spotter knowledge to the test with the AeroSavvy Airliner Quiz!

It’s easy to play. Just click the image that corresponds to the aircraft model. Don’t forget to share your results and challenge your friends! Who will reign as AeroSavvy Spotter Supreme?

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It’s Air Show Season!

AirshowSplash-640x280It’s air show season. There are plenty of shows scheduled, including THE air show of the year: EAA AirVenture in July, better known as Oshkosh!  Read on to see some highlights of the 2015 Dayton air show and, more importantly, find an air show near YOU!

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Aircraft Pressurization Beginner’s Guide

splashHow and why are airplanes pressurized?

It’s easy to take flying for granted. We hop onboard a comfy airliner and fly high in the stratosphere without giving breathing a second thought. The aircraft’s pressurization system makes it possible. Here’s how the magic works…

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