Aircraft Systems

Simulators – Ultimate Video Games!

At the heart of every airline training program is an amazing, multi-million dollar machine. A “Level D” aircraft simulator is the closest you can get to flying without leaving the ground. Costing close to $20 million […]


How Pilots Communicate In Other Countries

Clear communication between pilots and air traffic controllers is absolutely necessary for safety. What happens when a flight crew flies to a country that speaks a different language? Just imagine: an Air China flight crew that speaks […]

Pilot Life

Jumpseating on a 747

An interesting part of flying for an airline is “jumpseating” (or “deadheading”) to and from work. Jumpseating is the airline equivalent of hitch-hiking. As a professional courtesy, air carrier pilots are allowed to hitch a […]

Aircraft Systems

iPads In The Cockpit

There’s new tech appearing in a cockpit near you – pilots are going (nearly) paperless. Since the early 1900’s, airline crews (first in airships, then airplanes) have been using paper charts and maps to find […]

Pilot Life

The Flight Kit Demystified!

You’ve seen them… Those bags that pilots drag around airport terminals. No, not the suitcases, the smaller, catalog-style bags. What do they keep in those things? And they look pretty heavy, too. Well, pull up […]