Come Along As We Cross the Pacific!

Join me on the flight deck as we fly across the Pacific! Head over to and I’ll show you how we prepare for an oceanic flight and what we do during the 8+ hour journey. Today, we are flying 80,000 pounds of cargo and packages from Anchorage, Alaska to Incheon/Seoul, South Korea. Along the way, we’ll fly over Japan then get a very close peek at the North Korean border!

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Boarding the Boeing 767
Boarding the Boeing 767. Read about our journey at



  1. Ken, as an aviation expert and international airline pilot, I am sure that by now you are aware of the overwhelming number of recent reports of mysterious red lights over the northern Pacific Ocean. There’s a rumor going around that the government has begun a covert plan to downplay the situation. By feeding various media outlets with a number of plausible but conflicting explanations (i.e., explanatory story lines and fake evidence including photos, eye witness accounts, etc), they will keep this story from rising to the level of national media attention. What’s your take on all of this? What are the Russians up to? Or is it more sinister than that? I personally would rather be red than dead, so I think we should start making plans for the obvious impending changes to our way of life on earth.

    • Hi, Morke,

      You are right to be concerned. There is definitely SOMETHING mysterious going on over the Northern Pacific (it’s not just a railroad). Beyond the strange, supernatural goings on out there, the greatest concern for the flying public are people like us flying those routes and having too much fun. It was a pleasure flying with you this week!

    • Hi Sidney,
      That was 2 1/2 hours since we arrived at the airport. Time to climb to cruise altitude varies based on our weight and air traffic control issues. Typically about 30-40 minutes to climb on a long and heavy flight like this one.

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