Airport BINGO

AeroSavvy Airport Bingo

Airport BINGO!

(Or, How to Entertain Kids at the Airport)

The holiday travel season is upon us. Flying across the country to visit loved ones is a wonderful experience. A long layover in an airport, however, can be a challenge with tired, grumpy kids (of any age). Instead of sitting at the gate for two hours, get busy with a game of Airport BINGO!

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Savvy Passenger Guide to Airport Lights

Airport Lights - AeroSavvy

Colorful lights cover taxiways and runways to help pilots navigate the airport. Red, blue, green, amber, and white lights glow, flash, and race across the ground. It’s time to find out what the colored airport lights mean and how pilots use them!

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Air Navigation Name Nonsense


Air navigation maps and computers contain thousands of routes and waypoints (or fixes) to help pilots and air traffic controllers keep track of where the airplanes are. To make navigation and communication a little easier, most of the fixes are given names. Read on for some fun fix naming nonsense!

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Flying the North Atlantic Tracks

Flying the NATs - The North Atlantic Organized Track System

Each day, over 2000 aircraft travel across the Atlantic ocean bound for North America or Europe on the North Atlantic Organized Track System. Have you ever wondered how pilots navigate and communicate during the journey? Communication over the Atlantic is an interesting combination of modern digital messaging, satellite communication, and early 1900’s low-tech!

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Dog Strike, Screaming Passenger & More

Tales from the Terminal

Check out Jennifer’s Tales from the Terminal blog. Funny stuff!

One of my favorite blogs is Jennifer’s “Tales from the Terminal.” I was honored when Jenn contacted me to do a guest post for her “Airport Tales” series. In the post, I talk about a dog strike, an angry passenger giving me an earful, and a gate agent giving me a different kind of earful…

If you enjoy well written, funny airport stories, be sure to read all of Jennifer’s stuff. You can also find her on Twitter: @Jen_Niffer.

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