Plane Talking UK Podcast

I had the honor of being a guest on Episode 151 of the Plane Talking UK Podcast.  Each week, hosts Matt and Carlos do a super job of presenting aviation news and information. The podcast is fun, informative, and geared for anyone with an interest in aviation – no experience necessary!

Plane Talking UK Podcast

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Plane Talking UK, Episode 151:

Here’s your chance to see me talk about my career and answer questions from the Plane Talking UK chat room:

If you want to see more Plane Talking UK podcasts (of course you do!) check out their YouTube channel and website:

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  1. I will be forwarding this to a friend that tears planes and helicopters apart, trying to make them better than original.. he hasn’t succeeded yet.. …and they are still apart.. he and I will be watching.. Thanks..

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