Anniversary of flight – And a video you probably haven’t seen.

December 17, 1903 – Kill Devil Hills, NC

On December 17, 1903, at 10:35 am, Orville Wright successfully flew the first powered aircraft. The flight distance was 120 feet (37 m) and lasted 12 seconds. The top speed was only 6.8 miles per hour (10.9 km/h) over the ground. The airspeed was substantially higher due to winds gusting to 27 miles per hour.

NOT used by the Wrights!

Did you know that the very first video taken from a powered aircraft was shot onboard a Wright brothers aircraft? No, they did not use a GoPro Hero to make the movie. The film, titled: Wilbur Wright und seine Flugmaschine,” was made in 1909 near Rome and lasts about 3 1/2 minutes. It was made to end skepticism that the airplane could really fly. Here’s the film, in it’s entirety (enjoy the old-timey piano music).


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