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ETOPS – Enhancing Safety On Long Flights


As a passenger, you might see the word “ETOPS” (pronounced Ē-Tops) stenciled on airplanes. Occasionally, you’ll hear about it in the news. Follow a few AvGeeks on Twitter or Facebook and you’ll most definitely see this term used, joked about, and misused. What does ETOPS mean and why is it important?

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Anatomy Of A Freighter

This AeroSavvy article is featured on NYCAviation.com

click-to-read-148x39Have you ever wondered what the inside of a cargo airplane looks like? Cargo companies fly many of the same aircraft that passengers are familiar with. From a distance, it’s hard to tell the difference between a passenger plane and a freighter.  While the outside may look similar, the inside anatomy is a whole other animal.  Join me at NYCAviation.com to get an inside look at the Anatomy Of A Freighter!



Singapore Air – Business Class Review

Schedules, being the complicated animals they are, sometimes require pilots to fly as passengers to get into position for their next flight assignment.

I had the opportunity to fly Singapore Airlines Business Class from Hong Kong to Singapore a few days ago. The experience was very pleasant. The 3 1/2 hour flight was on a Boeing 777-200. Here are the highlights…

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Happy 93rd Birthday Qantas!

QANTAS 747-400 takeoff Brisbane 01 -1=

Qantas 747 – Courtesy Flickr.com/photos/shebalso

The “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services”, better known worldwide as Qantas, turns 93 this week and they look great for a nonagenarian! The airline is not only Australia’s largest, it’s the oldest continuously operated airline in the world. Qantas is based in Sydney and has daily flights to just about everywhere on the planet.  HBD, QANTAS!  Fun Qantas video below…

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Alaska unveils latest Disney jet

Adventure of Disneyland Resort

Adventure of Disneyland Resort – click for full size
Source: Alaska Airlines – Alaskaair.com

Alaska Airlines rolled out it’s 5th Disney-themed aircraft last week.  The Boeing 737-800 is named “Adventure of Disneyland Resort” and celebrates Alaska’s partnership with the Disneyland theme park. Here’s the full Press Release.  Aircraft paint schemes must be very effective advertising… Alaska’s new 737 makes me want to pack up and visit Disney.

Don’t miss the video below: Painting ‘The Adventure of Disneyland Resort’. Who doesn’t love a cool time-lapse video?

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Betty White + airline safety? Yes please!

Screenshot: Air New Zealand’s YouTube

This one’s been out on the interwebs for a few weeks but in case you missed it, well, you simply shouldn’t miss it!

She’s 91 and never been funnier. Betty White gives yet another stellar performance starring in Air NewZealand’s latest preflight safety briefing video. AZ has a reputation for funny, attention-getting safety announcements but honestly, it’s going to be very, very tough to top anything that Betty’s involved with. Watch the vid!

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