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Singapore Air – 2017 Business Class Review

AeroSavvy - Singapore Airlines Business Class Review

In February 2017, I had the opportunity to fly Business Class on Singapore Airlines from Los Angeles to Tokyo/Narita. As luck would have it, I was on a Boeing 777 that had recently been retrofitted with Singapore’s new Business Class product. I took a few photos to share the experience.

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Aircraft Engine Spirals & Swirls

Swirls and lines on engine spinners.  The spiral shapes can been seen on jet engines everywhere and come in several different designs and variations. They look cool on a spinning engine, but do they have a higher purpose?



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Simulators – Ultimate Video Games!

Baltic Aviation B737 Simulator

Thales Simulation B-737 Simulator

At the heart of every airline training program is an amazing, multi-million dollar machine. A “Level D” aircraft simulator is the closest you can get to flying without leaving the ground. Costing close to $20 million USD, many aviation fans would love a chance to ride in a simulator. Airline pilots, however, might prefer a root canal over their annual visit to “The Box.” Find out just how cool these machines are…

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Boeing’s Ultimate RC Airplane & The 777X


Boeing 777X Cockpit – Source: Boeing

Two cool Boeing videos for today.

RC buffs are going to drool when they see what Boeing has done to six previously mothballed F16 fighters. The new unmanned F-16 variant, now designated the QF-16, will be used as a realistic target for training exercises. It took some sophisticated engineering to convert the jets into remote control targets; the F-16’s had been in storage for over 15 years. While they are still pretty high-tech, these jets aren’t exactly spring chickens…

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Boeing Milestone: 100th Next Gen 737

Celebrating Lion Air’s 100th… by The Boeing Company

Boeing is celebrating it’s latest milestone: delivery of it’s 100th Next Generation 737, a 737-900ER. The aircraft was delivered to Lion Air, Indonesia’s largest private air carrier.

Lion Air website
Boeing’s Flickr Page