Chemtrail Confessions – I sprayed DHMO!


click-to-readIn this article, I spill the beans. “Chemtrail” believers have been looking for the one key piece of evidence that has eluded them: A pilot willing to speak up. This could be my last AeroSavvy post ever!


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AeroSavvy is written by Ken Hoke. Since 1984, Ken has loitered the skies in many vehicles, most notably the classic Douglas DC-8. He currently frustrates air traffic controllers in the US, Asia, and Europe as a Boeing 767 captain for a package express airline.
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2 thoughts on “Chemtrail Confessions – I sprayed DHMO!

  1. Old Doc

    Don’t let Captain Ken fool you with this article. DHMO is a real threat, but as a retired physician I will give unsolicited yet free advice on how to deal with it.

    If you are sitting poolside and see DHMO-laden chemtrails streaking the beautiful blue sky overhead immediately start neutralizing them with ETOH. Very soon you will begin to feel better, de facto proof that they were in fact harming you, and the chemtrails will disappear.

    However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, if you are sitting poolside and do NOT see any chemtrails, prophylactically begin taking ETOH. This can be self-administered in shot form and mixed with various diluents to make it more palatable. However, ETOH has a very narrow therapeutic window so be careful not to overdose.


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