It’s Air Show Season!

AirshowSplash-640x280It’s air show season. There are plenty of shows scheduled, including THE air show of the year: EAA AirVenture in July, better known as Oshkosh!  Read on to see some highlights of the 2015 Dayton air show and, more importantly, find an air show near YOU!

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Show Schedules

You know you need an air show fix!  Check out these two excellent resources to find a show near you:

North America Military Team Schedules

Photos from the 2015 Vectren Dayton Air Show (shot with my trusty Canon SX50):

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EAA AirVenture – Oshkosh

Oshkosh is air show nirvana. A solid week of nothing-but-planes. If you’re a first-timer and want to tackle AirVenture, there are plenty of internet resources, including the official EAA AirVenture site. For a special treat, check out the Osh Dreaming blog post from Tales From The Terminal.

Air Show Tips – Go Like A Pro

  • Pack light – you’ll have more fun if you can move around without a lot of stuff.
  • Arrive early. Showing up thirty minutes before the Blue Angels fly will leave you stuck in traffic and frustrated. Get there when the gates open and make a day of it!

You’ll be outside for hours looking into the hot sun. Be sure to bring…

  • ponchos2
    Bring a poncho or it WILL rain!

    Sunscreen and a hat – or your face will look like a lobster.

  • Water bottle – stay hydrated!
  • Emergency rain poncho.
  • Keep an extra (dry) pair of shoes and socks in your car.
  • Camera – Airplanes are fast. For better pics, use one with a viewfinder. LCD screens are hard to see in the sun.

What NOT to bring…

  • Pets – You love them, they love you, but they don’t belong at an airshow.
  • Coolers, glass, alcohol, fireworks, weapons… You know the drill. Typical public assembly rules.

What about an air band radio? 

If you’re a radio geek, an air show is a great place to have an air band receiver. Be sure to pre-program the frequencies you need before going. Don’t have an air band radio? Check out this AeroSavvy article: Stuff Pilots Say!

Matt Younkin and his smokin’ hot twin beech at the 2015 Dayton Airshow.

What’s your favorite air show?

I’d love to hear from YOU about other air shows around the world. Use the comment section below to share your favorite barnstorming adventure!

Get out and enjoy an air show this summer. It’s the perfect family AvGeek adventure!

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