Top 10 Coolest Airline Call Signs!

  When pilots and air traffic controllers communicate on the radio, the airline’s call sign is always used along with the flight number; ex: “Delta 135.”  This helps assure our communications are clear. Airlines began using […]

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Simulators – Ultimate Video Games!

At the heart of every airline training program is an amazing, multi-million dollar machine. A “Level D” aircraft simulator is the closest you can get to flying without leaving the ground. Costing close to $20 million […]

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It’s NOT A Tarmac! Airline Terminology

CNN, Fox News, USA Today, MSNBC, and countless other world and local news services mess up aviation terminology daily. Even the aviation “analysts” and “experts” get mixed up from time to time. As a result, the public gets […]

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EVA Air – Business Class Review

In February, 2014, my schedule included a reposition flight on Taipei-based carrier EVA Air. EVA has a strong presence in Asia. Their passenger and cargo jets can be spotted at major cities worldwide. My first officer […]

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Gas Guzzling Airliners?

I recently stumbled on a website that preaches the evils of Gas Guzzling Airliners. The site’s curator is particularly agitated with Boeing’s new 747-8 and the Airbus A380. “These huge, four engine gas guzzlers are […]