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Anatomy Of A Freighter

This AeroSavvy article is featured on NYCAviation.com

click-to-read-148x39Have you ever wondered what the inside of a cargo airplane looks like? Cargo companies fly many of the same aircraft that passengers are familiar with. From a distance, it’s hard to tell the difference between a passenger plane and a freighter.  While the outside may look similar, the inside anatomy is a whole other animal.  Join me at NYCAviation.com to get an inside look at the Anatomy Of A Freighter!



Come Along As We Cross the Pacific!

Join me on the flight deck as we fly across the Pacific! Head over to NYCAviation.com and I’ll show you how we prepare for an oceanic flight and what we do during the 8+ hour journey. Today, we are flying 80,000 pounds of cargo and packages from Anchorage, Alaska to Incheon/Seoul, South Korea. Along the way, we’ll fly over Japan then get a very close peek at the North Korean border!

NYCAviation-FullHeaderbarThis AeroSavvy article is featured on NYCAviation.com


Airline Flying: Cargo vs Passengers



[Updated: Feb, 2015]

I’m a cargo pilot; I fly for a large package express company. Cargo airlines are a bit of a mystery to the general public. Everyone is familiar with passenger airlines; it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t taken a ride or visited an air terminal. Those that haven’t are at least familiar with the routine thanks to movies, TV and the news media.

Cargo airlines are a bit different. The public rarely has a chance to see a cargo aircraft doing its thing. The airplanes are often parked far from passenger terminals so the day-to-day operations are usually out of sight.

In this feature, I’ll shed some light on what it’s like to fly for a cargo airline. I’ll highlight some of the similarities and differences between cargo and passenger operations.

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