Video Friday – AA, Wearable HUD, Short Runways

Today’s Video Friday features:


Twin Otter on Saba

American Airlines’ new paint scheme
AeroCross Wearable HUD
Short runways – Landings to make your skin crawl

Have you seen American Airlines’ new paint scheme? Quite a few of the freshly painted jets are now out in the system. Here’s an airplane spotter vid from DFW. An AA 767-323ER bound for Honolulu.

Brand new tech demo at this year’s AirVenture (Oshkosh). Forget about “Google Glass”, this is what I want! It’s a wearable HUD (Heads up display).

The runway on the Caribbean island of Saba (Netherlands) is only 1,300 feet long (or short?). The video’s claim of “shortest runway in the world!” is questionable, but I’ll agree that 1,300′ certainly limits the types of aircraft that can land here. Notice the “X” painted on the runway? This indicates that the runway is officially closed to air traffic. However, take offs and landing are allowed by special permit. I suspect this is to keep the riff-raff from hurting themselves.

The aircraft in the video is a WinAir de Havilland Twin Otter. WinAir has scheduled service to Saba.

Saba’s runway looks like DFW compared to where this guy lands. Who needs a runway when you have a Super Cub? Landing on Bunker Hill, Nevada (elevation 11,000′). Runway not required!

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