The Volocopter – You WANT this for Christmas



Sadly, you can’t have it this Christmas, but hopefully soon…

Two years ago, German company e-volo made history by making the first manned flight with an electric multicopter. The first prototype looks more like a science fair contraption than a serious flying machine, but it worked and proved the concept.  The guys at e-volo are still at it and I really like where they’re headed.

Their latest prototype, the Volocopter VC200, is a slick, polished two-seater aircraft. The company performed the first successful radio controlled tests on November 17th in the Dm-Arena in Karlsruhe, Germany. The tests racked up 20 minutes of flight time on one battery charge. Hybrid variants of the VC200 are being developed that will extend flight time to over an hour.

Want to help out? e-volo is turning to crowd-sourced funding to support their research and development. Check out their crowdfunding page at (german language site).

e-volo website

e-volo’s Volocopter VC200 First Flight – November 17, 2013.  Would I climb into this thing? Heck YEAH!!

e-volo makes the world’s first manned flight with an electric multicopter in October, 2011. Would I climb onto this thing?  Uhmm… Thanks, but NO.

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