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How Your Broken Plane Can Fly Safely: Part 1

Peggy Webber Screaming

Relax. Everything will be JUST fine.

As you relax sipping ginger-ale on your next flight, here’s something to ponder: The airplane you are riding in might have stuff broken. It might even have parts missing! Starting to lose that warm and fuzzy feeling? Don’t worry, we fly with stuff broken or missing all the time.

Join me at NYC Aviation to find out how we can fly with stuff broken while keeping you perfectly safe!


This AeroSavvy article is featured on NYCAviation.com

If you’ve read Part 1, don’t lose sleep waiting for Part 2! Find out right now what airline pilots do when stuff breaks while in flight. How Your Broken Plane Can Still Fly Safely: Part 2

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How Your Broken Plane Can Fly Safely: Part 2

Bandaid on front panel

Sometimes stuff breaks in flight.

In Part 1 (featured at NYCAviation.com), I talked about what happens when stuff on an airliner breaks while we sit at the gate. What do airline pilots do when there is a mechanical malfunction while airborne? Airliners are really complex machines. Just like in your car, sometimes stuff stops working the way it should. Read on to see what we do and how redundant systems keep you safe even when stuff stops working in flight.

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