Get crafty: Cut and glue a paper 3D rocket!

Hey kids, build this cool paper rocket!

Hey kids, build this cool paper rocket!

The FAA (yes, the U.S. government agency tasked with aviation safety) has a fun craft project for the kids. It might keep them busy long enough for you to put the slice-&-bake cookies in the oven.

The FAA’s “Santa Story 2013” page has paper rocket plans, as well as a countdown to Santa’s flight. The site’s theme is a kid-friendly explanation about how Santa uses GPS to navigate his sleigh. The GPS lesson is also perfect for adults wondering how the GPS gadget in your car or phone knows where it’s at.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the rocket plans, download the PDF pattern and instructions.  It wouldn’t be right to mention paper rocket plans without including a time lapse construction video, right? I spared no expense (and nearly 10 whole minutes) to produce the following for your viewing pleasure!

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