Check Out This Water Bomber!

Canadair CL-415

Canadair CL-415

I love to watch fancy flying. Especially when it’s done in the name of public safety or to preserve our natural resources. Early in my aviation career I had a job flying aerial surveillance for the Department of Forestry. We surveyed the forests for damage inflicted by Southern Pine beetles (not to be confused with the damage inflicted by The Beatles from Liverpool). It was a lot of fun, but it certainly didn’t require the skills of a water bomber pilot!

Water bombers are an interesting breed of aircraft. They are designed to haul large quantities of water to forest fires and dump it with precision. This particular bomber, a Canadair CL-415, fills its 1500 (gal US) tank by skimming the water from the top of rivers and lakes. This guy gets the Fancy Flying Award of the week. The video was shot back in July of 2012 near Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.

This CL-415 belongs to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Here are the Specs for the CL-415.

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