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Incredible story of survival in Wisconsin

NBC News screen capture – Click image for NBC story

This past Saturday evening over Superior, Wisconsin, two planes carrying 11 people (2 pilots and 9 skydivers) collided in midair resulting in one plane erupting into flames and the second seriously damaged. Amazingly, all 9 skydivers and one pilot were able to jump clear of the mayhem and safely deploy their chutes. The pilot of the second aircraft was able to maneuver his damaged aircraft to a safe landing.

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Citation X – The fastest civilian aircraft


Citation X – The Fastest Civilian Jet.
Photo Source: Cessna Press Release

Smokin’ fast, as in The Speed-O-Heat. Getting from point A to point B just got a little faster for folks lucky enough to fly in Cessna’s newest Citation X.  On October 31, the FAA and Cessna completed test flights that validated the Citation X’s max speed of Mach 0.935. That’s as close to the speed of sound as you can get without strapping on a military jet.

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