Survive an Aircraft Evacuation

Fire and Smoke Can Kill You Fire and poisonous smoke can kill within minutes. There is no greater risk to an aircraft’s passengers and crew. When an aircraft evacuation is necessary, every second counts.


Air Navigation Name Nonsense

Air navigation maps and computers contain thousands of routes and waypoints (or fixes) to help pilots and air traffic controllers keep track of where the airplanes are. To make navigation and communication a little easier, […]


Flying the North Atlantic Tracks

Each day, over 2000 aircraft travel across the Atlantic ocean bound for North America or Europe on the North Atlantic Organized Track System. Have you ever wondered how pilots navigate and communicate during the journey? Communication […]

Aircraft Systems

TCAS: Preventing Mid-Air Collisions

For over 20 years, TCAS has been standing guard, protecting the skies from mid-air collisions. Countless catastrophes have been avoided thanks to the technology. Find out what TCAS is and how it works!   This AeroSavvy feature is written […]

Aircraft Systems

Your Airliner Has A Hidden Engine!

  How many turbine engines are on an Airbus A320? Two, right?   Would you believe three? How about a Boeing 747? Four engines? Wrong again.   A 747 has Five turbine engines! Hiding inside the tail of most […]

Odds & Ends

Take the AeroSavvy Airliner Quiz!

So, you think you know airliners? It’s time to separate the Ultimate AvGeeks from the Plane Spotter Padawans. Put your plane spotter knowledge to the test with the AeroSavvy Airliner Quiz! It’s easy to play. Just click the image that corresponds […]