Amazon delivery drones. Really?

Amazon Prime Drone

Amazon Prime Drone

Amazon claims to be only two years away from a viable delivery-by-drone system: Amazon Prime Air.  Perhaps I’m a pessimist, but I see all sorts of problems with small drones carrying $250 “Beats by Dr. Dre” headphones.

If the drones will be delivering to my old neighborhood, they’ll need some sort of defense or counter-measures system. A Facebook comment summed it up: “Target practice with rewards.” A group of kids with a few old tennis balls will have a field day. Maybe Amazon is planning after-dark deliveries or some sort of stealth tech? Or much larger drones (that could get scary).

I’m sure the Amazon brains have kicked around all the scenarios in their R&D lab; they are a pretty clever bunch. It will be interesting to see how the production system works in a couple of years. 

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