AeroSavvy’s Holiday Gift Guide

There’s plenty of time left to do some e-commerce shopping for Christmas. If you need inspiration for your AeroSavvy friends or loved ones, this should help…


Boeing 777 Business Class Seats

For the aviation fan who has everything… I’ll bet he or she doesn’t have a pair of Boeing 777 Business Class Seats!

Just imagine relaxing in your home theater, man-cave or TV room in these authentic, lightly used airliner seats. Order a cold beer and peanuts from your significant other, run a vacuum cleaner nearby while you try to watch a movie. Wake up with nice kink in your neck or back… Just like a real airplane ride!  Available from, a pair of these will set you back $2450.00 USD.

Need more ideas? Read on…


Corsair Pedal Plane from QualityPedalCars has a really great selection of pedal planes for kids. I would have loved one of these! The prices seem pretty reasonable. A cute little biplane ride-on starts at $135. The Corsair peddler pictured here is $476. If you’re an aviation nut, there’s a pretty good chance your love of flying is rubbing off on your kids; they’ll feel like Chuck Yeager riding a pedal plane!


P-51 Ceiling Fan –

Here’s more inspiration: A P-51 Mustang ceiling fan from  This warbird-buff must-have is listed at $214.95. It’s a fully functional fan with a 3-speed reversible motor and 44″ blade span.

If the P-51 isn’t your thing, Tailwinds also carries a few other styles.


Jenny Prop –

I really love the old vintage looking stuff. A Simpler TIme specializes in nostalgic art, vintage signs and gifts. They have a really nice selection of replica propellers, metal signs, models and framed art.

If you’re also into old trains and cars, this place loaded with goodies.


A380 – Airbus Store

For airline fans, there are two stores that are absolutely essential for gift buying.

Let’s Shop Airbus and The Boeing Store are the two heavy hitters. Both are loaded with affordable, official gear that will let you show off your favorite jet. Stickers, patches, watches, T-shirts, jackets, toys, lanyards… and of course, aircraft models. They have it all.


Tons of Space Stuff:

Mission patches, caps, toys and astronaut ice cream! – Here are a few e-commerce sites loaded with out-of-this-world space goodies:

KSC Gift Shop


More shopping ideas:

Helicopter Gifts?  Check out the Bell Helicopter Store or Robinson’s merch.


The Piper Pilot Shop

Gifts for general aviation fans:

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